Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and where are the meetings?

A: Business meetings are held the third Thursday of Each month at 7:00PM at the WY Game and Fish HQ in Casper.

Q: How can I become a/renew membership?

A: Membership packages can be obtained at Wagners Sporting Goods on CY Ave, or you can attend a monthly business meeting of the club to purchase a membership. Memberships run 1 January through 31 December.  The 2017 Membership is $100.00 and is not prorated.

Q: What do I need to do to obtain a key to the range?

A: The agreement that the County and the range came to was that we would certify members as Range Officers (RO) and that training is required, as is passing the test at the end of the class to obtain a key to the range.  The training is specific to the Platte River Range covering Range rules and familiarization with the area surrounding the range.

Q: How do I get my RO training?

A: Once you have purchased a membership and have the membership card in hand, you can then attend an RO training Session at the range.   Memberships will not be sold at the class or the range.  The frequency of the training will depend on the number of new members and the availability of the trainers, with the class being offered at least monthly on the weekend following the business meeting.

Q: What is a RSO?

A: Range Safety Officer (RSO) is an NRA Certificated position consisting of about 16 hours of classroom training.  We will be offering the class this year to keep our trainers current. Keep an eye on the Events Calendar for a date and time.

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